What am I doing right now?

This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers. It shows you (and reminds me) what I’m focused on right now. Last updated on 20th November 2022.

👋 Connection 👋

This year much of my work focus has been centered around connection – at our regional public broadcaster I now run a monthly meet up for social format developers and I curate the monthly Socialletter. It’s an internal newsletter aiming to foster more understanding between journalists working in linear and non-linear media at our broadcaster. And hopefully spark some crossover-creativity.

I also started reaching out to (former) colleagues to meet up IRL around certain topics – and it’s giving me such an energy boost. So I decided to search out more connecting opportunities in the next year.
I’ll post my plans here and if you happen to attend too and fancy a chat:
Just drop me line at mail(at)isabelhummel.de

Next stop:
23.-25.11.22 Brussels – European Journalism Symposium / Assises Européennes Du Journalisme

19.-23.04.2023 Perugia – International Journalism Festival 


To be on the lookout for inspiration (and learning opportunities) in journalism is at the core of what I do – it’s also something I’ve really struggled with this year. I seldom felt inspired. (The never ending pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the climate crisis and a general feeling of doom might have also contributed.)

But it also motivated me to broaden my inspiration horizon. While I know of nearly everything that’s happening in and around journalism in the USA, I know very little about interesting things happening in my neighboring countries here in Europe.

Since I failed to find an existing overview – tadaaa – I’m now working on a newsletter that curates interesting/innovative approaches to (digital) journalism in Europe. 📮 If you like, you can already sign up here for the newsletter – planning to launch in April 2023.

At the moment I‘m still collecting sources aka. newsletters, blogs, websites from all over Europe. As it’s quite an uphill battle, I’m super grateful for all tipps and pointers.
👀 You can see my growing list here and comment if you have new suggestions.